From Cash to QR Codes: How Glaze Powered Donations at Icelandic Puffin Paradise

Hey there, fellow nature enthusiasts! We have an egg-citing story to share with you about how Hafnarhólmi, an incredible puffin colony and birdwatching paradise in Iceland, revolutionized its donation process with the help of Glaze. Prepare to be inspired by their journey toward protecting wildlife, promoting conservation, and advancing research, all while making it easier for visitors to contribute. Get ready for some puffin-tastic positivity!


Hafnarhólmi is an islet in East Iceland, and the most accessible Atlantic Puffin colony in Iceland. A staircase and viewing platforms allow you to get close to these cute, clumsy creatures (and other seabirds). The puffins arrive by mid-April and are gone by early to mid-August, but other species (including kittiwakes, fulmars and common eiders) may linger longer.

Locals have taken care of Hafnarhólmi and its birds for decades and built it up to be easily accessible for visitors to enjoy the area in harmony with the wildlife there.

Goodbye, Cash; Adios, Vandalism!

Hafnarhólmi had a charming donation box that welcomed guests to support the sanctuary's vital work. But as the world became increasingly cashless, fewer people carried coins or bills, leading to a decline in donations. It was like finding a needle in a haystack, but instead of a needle, it was a crumpled banknote! And if that wasn't enough, the poor donation box faced some unwelcome attention from vandals, leaving it battered and bruised.

Hafnarhólmi wasn't ready to throw in the towel. Nope, they were determined to adapt and embrace change to continue their important mission. That's when they discovered Glaze, a digital payment solution that would turn their frowns upside down and make contributing a breeze. And that's how digital donations took flight!

Digital donations take flight

With Glaze by their side, Hafnarhólmi embarked on an adventure that would forever transform their donation process. So, how did it work? Buckle up, because we're about to take you through the highlights!

Hafnarhólmi bid farewell to their dusty donation box and said hello to a world of digital possibilities. Visitors who no longer carried cash could now easily contribute to puffin conservation and research through Glaze's secure digital payment platform.

  1. Scan, Donate, Repeat: Hafnarhólmi made it a piece of cake for their generous guests. All they had to do was whip out their smartphones, scan the Glaze-generated QR codes scattered around the colony (they're everywhere!), and choose their preferred donation amount. Simple as that!

  2. Embracing Digital Payments: Glaze wasn't just about scanning QR codes; it opened the door to a variety of digital payment methods. Apple Pay, the hero of the tech-savvy, was proudly onboard, allowing visitors to contribute with a tap of their fingertips. How cool is that?

The Puffin-tastic Benefits: Happy Birds, Happy Supporters! Oh, the wonders that Glaze brought to Hafnarhólmi! Here are the remarkable outcomes that had everyone chirping with joy:

  1. More Donations, More Impact: With Glaze's digital magic, Hafnarhólmi spread its wings and reached a wider audience. No longer confined to those carrying cash, donations poured in from tech-savvy visitors who wanted to make a difference. Together, they created an even bigger impact on puffin conservation and research.

  2. Simplicity and Convenience: Imagine the thrill of effortlessly donating to a cause you love. Glaze's user-friendly interface made the entire process smooth as a puffin's glide through the air. Visitors felt empowered, knowing they could support Hafnarhólmi in just a few taps and swipes.

  3. Safety First: Glaze took the sanctuary's security to new heights. No more worries about personal information or financial data falling into the wrong hands. With Glaze's secure payment gateway, everyone could donate with confidence, focusing on the joy of supporting puffin paradise.

  4. True Puffin Supporters: Hafnarhólmi gave a special nod to their Glaze donors by bestowing upon them the title of "true puffin supporters." It was like joining an elite club, where puffin lovers flourished.


Hafnarhólmi, with the help of Glaze, transformed its donation process into a puffin-powered phenomenon. The days of searching for spare change or worrying about vandalism were left in the past. Thanks to Glaze's digital prowess, Hafnarhólmi's visitors became true puffin supporters, effortlessly contributing to wildlife conservation, education, and the ongoing protection of these incredible birds. So, grab your smartphones, visit Hafnarhólmi, scan that QR code (or just visit this link) and be part of something truly special. Together, let's spread our wings and help these magnificent puffins soar!

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